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The 2017 Jeep Compass: What the critics say

The 2017 Jeep Compass

Car and Driver
“If the Jeep Renegade is just a hair too small and the Cherokee a smidge too big, then the new Compass is sized just right.” An heir to the “sad sack” original Compass in size and name only, this compact crossover SUV “combines mature looks, nimble handling, and comfortable accommodations” much as the current Renegade and Cherokee do. To its great credit, it “looks and feels like it belongs on the same showroom  oor with those rigs.”
In Trailhawk trim, the Compass exhibits off-road skills that other small crossovers can’t match. On pavement, every Compass “needs more juice,” because accelerating out of a corner “takes ages” with just 180 hp under the hood. Still, the new Compass rides nicely overall. “If you’re looking for a cheap, small, relatively fuel-efi cient crossover that can hold its own on and off road, the 2017 Compass is the Jeep to get.”
Be forewarned that the old Compass and its boxy Patriot sibling will be sold as 2017 models until every one of them is gone. To ensure a salesman hasn’t talked you into buying the wrong model, just hop in and point your Jeep down a steep, rutted, sandy road. “If you make it to the bottom without wrecking the car or soiling yourself, you’ve got the right Compass.”

The 2017 Jeep Compass
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