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Want the best in Luxury Vans? Roll on the Mercedes V-Class

When it comes to first impressions, a luxury van can really blow people away. You instil a sense of importance and an air of class in everyone you drive past and park next to. There are many different luxury vans on the market at the moment, but one that stands out above the rest is the Mercedes V-Class. Here is everything works together to make this van special:
Designed to Impres
Mercedes built this car with one purpose in mind – to steal family buyers away from the VW Multivan market. How did they do this? By creating a van that has an extremely plush interior and contains all the latest in luxury car technology. With everything from a touch-pad controllers and high spec built-in entertainment systems this is the perfect vehicle for families and tour groups.

The dashboard itself reeks of elegance, with its chrome-rimmed instrument dials embedded in the dark, subtly grained wood trim. In the top models, the dash is topped with luxury leather to match the upholstery in the V-Class.
Driver Focused

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The driver’s comfort isn’t the only thing that Mercedes have focused on. With a high driver’s seat, you have an undiluted, sweeping view of the road ahead of you. Thanks to 12 parking sensors and four cameras, the driver is given a 360-degree view allowing them to be completely aware of everything happening around the van – great for manoeuvrability in tight spaces.
Both captain’s chairs have armrests fitted, giving a much more relaxed and supporting feel. While the other seats don’t have these features, they are still plush and comfortable – there is even the option to have the second and third rows of passengers facing each other. Depending on your requirements there are several different layout options to choose from, all of which provide ample room for an adult in every seat.
Power and Economy
In the UK, there will be two choices for the engine type, both variants of Mercedes’s 2.1L four-cylinder diesel engine:
·         V220 CDI – coming with 161bhp, 280lb ft. of torque and an impressive fuel efficiency of 50mpg.
·         V250 Bluetec – more powerful than the V220 with, 188bhp and a staggering 324lb ft. of torque. This only slightly alters the efficiency between the two, as the V250 still produces around 47mpg.
One of the biggest differences between the two models is that the V220 comes with a six-speed manual gearbox as standard, whereas you can expect a seven-speed automatic from the V250.
Moving Away From Commercial
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Mercedes has a strong history in producing some of the leading commercial vans, but the V-Class is an obvious move away from this category. Every tiny little detail of this van is aimed at attracting family buyers, people who need a big vehicle without losing out on luxuries. All these stylistic changes haven’t effected the performance of the van, which stripped back to basics is simply the Viano, which is no longer in production.
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